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Time to study our Owlgebra!

February is a peak time to hear and possibly see Maine's owls while they are actively vocalizing in their efforts to establish a breeding territory and attract a mate.  

Join MYBC as we seek out these elusive raptors.  We will be owling in the early morning at some reliable owling spots in Southern Maine (locations TBD).  While visiting these areas, we have a good chance of hearing -- and possibly seeing -- Barred, Great Horned, and Northern Saw-whet Owls.  There's even a very slight chance of encountering the uncommon Long-eared Owl and/or Eastern Screech Owl. 

PARENTS:  We know this will be a very early start for you and your child, but the best time to go owling is a few hours before sunrise.  That's when we'll have the greatest luck with these difficult-to-get birds.  (As someone who has gone owling as a teen, take my word for it that it is an amazing experience and is very much worth a rare disruption of one's sleep schedule.)  We are extremely grateful to you for your willingness to drive your daughter or son out for some super early morning birding!

LOGISTICS:  Dress in WARM layers and wear comfortable WARM walking shoes.  Be sure to bring a hat, gloves, and toe/hand warmers if necessary.   Please get sufficient sleep as we will be out very early in the morning.  

REQUIRED gear to bring: flashlight/headlamp (preferably one with red light capabilities), filled water bottle or two, snacks , warm hat, warm coat, cozy under-layers, gloves, socks, waterproof hiking boots, and binoculars.

Optional items to bring: a bagged breakfast (if you think you'll get super hungry at 6 am), camera (optional), scope (if you have/want one), notebook & field guide (optional), and a backpack in which you'll keep all your stuff.  If you do not have binoculars, MYBC will provide you with a pair. 

MEET UP and PICK UP: We will be meeting at 3:00 am at the Robinson Woods trailhead parking lot - 1088 Shore Road - in Cape Elizabeth.  The parking lot is directly across from Pond Cove.  See photos of the maps below.  ("TH" stands for trailhead.)

We will be done at 8:00 am.  Pick-up will be at the Scarborough Marsh Nature Center parking lot (92 Pine Point Road, Scarborough). 

CARPOOLING: If you wish to carpool out of Biddeford with Seth or out of Westbrook with Marion, please indicate this in your RSVP or send us an email at

Robinson Woods trailhead parking lot.

Robinson Woods trailhead parking lot.

Robinson Woods parking lot.

Robinson Woods parking lot.

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