Club Coordinators are extremely dedicated individuals who strive to create meaningful (and fun!) educational experiences for all young birders.  They serve the pivotal role of running MYBC and doing all the necessary behind-the-scenes work for the club, such as trip planning and advertising, RSVP sending, carpooling, field trip guiding, bird checklist recording, trip report writing, email correspondence with youth, parents, and donors, finance management, website designing and updating, fundraising, and more.  

Seth Davis

Seth grew up in Oregon, where he spent much of his time outdoors in the woods behind his house.  Having always had a curiosity about nature and biology, Seth pursued a career in science, and he is now a post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of New England.  Seth’s spark for birding came while hiking at a reservoir near his apartment in Colorado and seeing a Mountain Bluebird for the first time.  It was at this point that he recognized there was far more to the world of birds than the sparrows and finches that frequented his feeders!  

Since moving to Maine in 2015, Seth has been active in the birding community, and he currently serves on the Board of Directors at York County Audubon.  Seth also eagerly serves as co-coordinator of MYBC, through which he enjoys sharing his love of birds and nature with the young members of Maine’s proud birding community.

Favorite birds: Magnolia Warbler, Wood Duck, Common Loon, and Snowy Owl

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Marion grew up in with the boreal forests of Downeast Maine as her backyard.  She moved to Portland in 2001 to finish her BA in English Literature at the University of Southern Maine, and she now lives in Westbrook with her fiancé.

Marion has loved birds as long as she can remember.  Her passion for nature was influenced heavily by her grandparents who taught her to appreciate the birds, trees, and wildflowers of Maine.  Initially a casual birdwatcher, this changed when Marion bought her home in 2014.  Once she began to carefully study the diversity of birds visiting her feeders, a true bird nerd was born!  Marion is currently undertaking in-depth natural history training through the renowned Maine Master Naturalist Program.

The mentors in Marion's life have helped deepen her appreciation, knowledge, and love of birds, and she is excited to help ignite this same spark in Maine’s young birders.

Favorite birds: Baltimore Oriole, Northern Parula, and Great Blue Heron