Our Official Logo is Here!

By Lena Moser

The Maine Young Birders Club now has an official logo!  Lena Moser designed the logo, while Nika Samsonenko is the talented digital artist who brought it to life.  We are thrilled to have our very own, slick design now.  

Thanks to Fyn Kynd for suggesting the Black Guillemot as our mascot.  Fyn observantly pointed out that Maine is the Black Guillemot's southernmost breeding range.  Approximately 3,000 pairs nest on Maine's coastal islands every year, while 6,500 more pairs nest throughout the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy.  The Black Guillemot certainly stands out in its black-and-white simplicity and symbolizes Maine's richness and diversity of seabirds.  We are proud to call ourselves The Guillies!  

MYBC Logo by Nika Samsonenko