Bird Banding with Professor Noah Perlut

By Lena Moser

On Saturday, April 21st, five young birders came out to the University of New England to learn all about bird banding from Professor Noah Perlut.  In short, we did not leave disappointed!  Dr. Perlut showed us exactly how birds are captured and banded, and he explained the importance of this practice for understanding and conserving birds. 

After banding birds, we visited the Department of Environmental Studies, where we got to see UNE's small but growing collection of avian specimens.  We discussed the importance of museum collections and why bird skinning is a useful skill to have.  Finally, we visited the new student commons building - the Ripich Commons - and learned all about bird-safe glass.  Specifically, we talked about why it is essential to design window glass in a way that prevents birds from crashing into the glass and needlessly dying.  All in all, our UNE trip was a very educational and inspiring experience!  Many thanks to Dr. Perlut for generously volunteering his time, energy, and expertise to the Maine Young Birders Club on this day.  We were all very grateful to spend the morning learning from him.

A picture often says a thousand words, so enjoy viewing our extensive gallery of photos below :)